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Insert Variable Data Fields Into A ChurchStamp Template 

Variable Data is considered an advanced personalization technique by direct mail marketers. ChurchStamp makes it easy to insert variable data into online direct mail templates.

It very efficiently enables marketers to use data collected in lists or CRMs to personalize each postcard or letter – without requiring a custom effort.

Traditionally, printer/mailers would provide this as a service that cost extra and require significant project management & communication to execute on. Direct mail automation changes all of this.

The concept exists in other channels as well – email marketers sometimes call them “merge tags” or “personalization tokens”.

Why do marketers use Variable Data in their direct mail? Because it works.

Check out these stats:

  • Adding a person’s name and full color in the direct mail can increase response by 135%. (Source: Canon Solutions America)

  • Adding a person’s name, full color, and more sophisticated database information can increase the response rate by up to 500% vs not doing any of these things. (Source: Canon Solutions America)

  • Targeting customers on a 1:1 level increases response rates by up to 50% or more. (Source: DMA)

Today, ChurchStamp makes it easy to insert Variable Data fields into reusable postcard & letter templates in just a few mouse clicks.

Our automation eliminates the phone calls, emails, and meetings that traditional direct mail requires. It’s also free within our tool – we want you to use it!

Typical uses for Variable Data range from simple things like greeting your audience by name to more sophisticated use of purchasing, demographic or behavioral data to really hone the pitch.

You can use the Variable Data feature to print standard ChurchStamp fields, such as First Name, Last Name, City, and State, or, you can use this feature to display custom fields that you have mapped to any of the user-defined fields Var1 – Var35.

Variable data fields, when inserted into a template, will dynamically output a value that is specifically associated with the contact receiving the direct mail piece.

How To Setup Variable Data Personalization In ChurchStamp

Step 1: Add a variable placeholder to your postcard in the Design Screen

Step 2: Connect Zapier automations and match the variable from your form, list, etc. to the postcard variable.

This will display the first name of your recipient from your contact list. Someone whose first name is Jon would see “Hey Jon!”, and someone else named Jennifer would see “Hey Jennifer”. Click the Save button on the top bar after editing your template.

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