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Create A Campaign

Step 1: Complete Your Profile

From Profile, you can edit your information. This information must be filled out in order to use ChurchStamp. Your 'Mailing Address' will be used as the default Return to Sender address if a mailing cannot be delivered for any reason. Each campaign can have its own Return Address, but you must set a default.

Step 2: Create a Design

You can Create In ChurchStamp which is easy to use the streamlined, intuitive Direct Mail Editor to build a template from scratch. It’s as easy as email!

Build from scratch or Choose a Pre-Built Template from one of our growing library as your starting point. You can modify any/all components for your needs.

Step 3: PROOF your design


Step 4: Create a Campaign

The ChurchStamp Campaign screen walks you through the entire process step by step, so you can be confident that all of the pieces needed are there.

ChurchStamp is currently available to deliver personalized, tracked postcards and letters to U.S. and addresses ONLY.

IMPORTANT: Set a landing page that you want postcard visitors to land on when they scan the QR code. We highly recommend that this NOT BE your home page. Instead, use a different page that is ONLY used for postcards (i.e. not in your website navigation). This way you can embed a more personal video to new guest, etc. and more easily track how many people are viewing pages from ChurchStamp postcards.

Each campaign can have its OWN landing page. For instance, maybe the student ministry wants to send postcards to visitors, and send them to the Student page, rather than the main website.

Go to the Campaign page:

  • Give your campaign an easy to remember name

  • Choose one of your PROOFED designs

  • Enter your landing page


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